Cell Phone Consumer Fraud

Consumer Cellular damages customers' credit ratings. They sell phones and then deny service to buyers they deem less than credit worthy, but in no way reasonably alert consumers of an impending credit rating check. Plus consumers may not receive service after paying for their telephones. Yes, a tiny comment on the back of their package, hidden on the bottom in tiny print says the following:

quote "Credit approval or credi

quote "Credit approval or credit/debit card required" unquote

It's too tiny for young or old eyes to read.

So they sell their telephones and then pick and choose who they want to service. That's not right. It's called "cherry picking," which is OK when consumers have a choice, a voice, but there's no space for consumer choice in the transaction between consumers and stores (like Target) when this bit of information is hidden. Also, stores ought to have the decency to point out this bit of information. It's called "common decency."

Without adequate information, without warning or caution, they too abuse the public's trust.

Here's how I learned about this type of corporate fraud when I bought a Consumer Cellular phone from Target:

After about five days I tried to learn what became of my sims card. After about 30 minutes of wasted time on their web site (as they tried to sell me stuff for about five minutes) I gave up out of frustration. I went to my email box. Then I found that Consumer Cellular denied me service.

Finally reaching their billing department, I was told that I was denied because of my "credit rating." Odd isn't it when my debit card worked well enough to buy their stupid phone. In no way, at no time did I give Consumer Cellular permission to check my credit rating, which they have now damaged, I'm told.  More, they denied service using the same debit card information I used to buy their stupid telephone. My debit card has thousands of dollars in it, by the way.

But this is not about me or my credit rating. This is about egregious corporate abuse of the American public. I plan to make a life-long project directed toward exposing Consumer Cellular's consumer fraud and any entity connected these ethically challenged corporate thieves. It's fraud when they sell products that they may or may not choose to service, wkly-nilly.